Corporate Finance Uncovered - Refresh Your Knowledge

Corporate Finance Uncovered - Refresh Your Knowledge


24 Sep 2024

1:00 PM ‐ 4:00 PM

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Intermediate: Requires some prior subject knowledge
3 hours
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This new virtual classroom seminar will provide a comprehensive insight into corporate finance.

Aimed at those who have a reasonable working knowledge of the area, but who wish to enhance their understanding or simply benefit from a useful refresher, this session is ideal for lawyers, accountants, directors, and other business professionals.

Led by expert speaker Iain Sim, this session will help you provide better and more commercially aware advice to clients who are required to raise finance for their companies.

What You Will Learn

This live and interactive session will cover the following:

  • Key reasons why companies seek to raise equity finance
  • Key reasons why companies seek to raise debt finance
  • Concepts of leverage and gearing
  • Comparisons of debt v equity, loans v bonds and public equity v private equity
  • Debt:
    • Overdrafts, types of loans, types of debt securities (commercial paper, notes, bonds), quasi-equity/loan notes/convertibles
    • Security, credit risk, credit ratings
    • Benchmarks
    • Syndicated loans, subordination
    • Transactional documentation: term sheets, loan agreements, debentures
    • Listed debt and over-the-counter trading
  • Equity:
    • Different classes of share
    • Issuing shares
    • Financing stages, from seed to series A, B, C etc. through to maturity
    • Investors: seed, angel, venture capital, private equity, stock market
    • Crowd funding
    • Floating a company (plus the key differences between the markets)
    • Fundraising on float and secondary issues (rights issues, open offers, placings etc.)
    • Documentation: Articles of Association and subscription agreements
  • The role of the investment banker
  • Key documentation and key clauses (what they are designed to do)
  • Recent developments

Recording of live sessions: Soon after the Learn Live session has taken place you will be able to go back and access the recording - should you wish to revisit the material discussed.