Child Witnesses - Procedure & Best Practice for Criminal Lawyers

Child Witnesses - Procedure & Best Practice for Criminal Lawyers

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This webinar will address the procedural rules relevant to cases involving child witnesses as well as practical guidance in order to achieve best practice.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Legal framework
    • Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999
    • Criminal Procedure Rules
  • Special measures
    • Eligibility
      • Child witnesses are automatically entitled to special measures
      • Principles also applicable to child defendants, court’s duty to ensure defendant can effectively participate
    • Available special measures
  • Special measures in detail
    • Pre-recorded evidence
    • Intermediaries
  • Practical considerations
    • Obtaining evidence
    • Dealing with limitations in permitted/appropriate questioning: how else to put your case
  • Helpful resources

This webinar was recorded on 22nd January 2024