Cardiac Anatomy & Clinical Negligence Litigation - Understanding the Evidence

Cardiac Anatomy & Clinical Negligence Litigation - Understanding the Evidence

Available to view from 10 May 2024

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Cardiac issues arise frequently for clinical negligence and personal injury lawyers.

This webinar covers an overview of the heart, including diagrams and an explanation of basic cardiac function. It will consider how normal circulation operates and what may occur to disrupt that circulation by way of congenital malformation, accident or disease. Knowledge of this will assist litigators with any case in which cardiac function has been depressed or damage as a result of injury, disease or clinical mismanagement.

You will learn how to understand medical reports dealing with cardiac abnormalities and how to explain and present cardiac related problems in pleadings, settlement discussions and court argument.

There will be practical advice as to the way in which the evidence can be communicated and understood. With particular reference to diagrams and video footage to demonstrate circulatory issues.

This webinar is not principally concerned with caselaw or recent statutory regulation.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • How the normal heart works
  • How the blood circulates
  • The basic function of the great arteries
  • The electrical function of the heart and the effects of coronary thrombus
  • The ways in which heart abnormalities should be detected and addressed
  • Common issues in cardiac clinical negligence (such as failure to diagnose angina)
  • Causation issues including life expectancy and prognosis with non-negligent treatment

This pre-recorded webinar will be streamed at 12:30pm on Friday 10th May 2024 and will remain available to view by delegates who have registered by then for 90 days.