Bills of Lading - Lessons Learned from Recent Case Law

Bills of Lading - Lessons Learned from Recent Case Law

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The law relating to bills of lading is constantly evolving and anyone advising on claims in this area needs to keep up to date on latest developments.

The English Courts have recently handed down judgments which will serve as precedents on a variety of issues.

This webinar will examine these, along with other significant decisions and highlight the practical lessons to be learned, to help you to avoid pitfalls when similar situations arise in future, and to improve your ability to pursue or defend claims based on the most up to date legal knowledge.

It is suitable for anyone involved with claims arising from international carriage of goods by sea, including case handlers at Law Firms, P & I Clubs, marine insurance brokers or marine claim consultancies.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Does Article IV Rule 5 of the Hague Rules allow a carrier to limit its liability for economic loss?The ‘Thorco Lineage’
  • How does the one-year time bar under Article III Rule 6 operate when the ‘delivery’ of the goods does not occur at the time when they are discharged from the ship? The ‘Giant Ace’
  • Can a bill of lading holder rely on insurance clauses in a charterparty as a defence to claims in general average? The ‘Polar’
  • When cargo is delivered without production of the bill of lading, is the shipowner liable for misdelivery to the bank which holds the bill of lading as security? (Unicredit Bank v Euronav)

This webinar was recorded on 10th June 2024

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