Adverse Possession & Boundaries - An Update with Sarah Thompson-Copsey

Adverse Possession & Boundaries - An Update with Sarah Thompson-Copsey

Available to view from 16 Sep 2024

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The Land Registration Act 2002 aimed to restrict the possibility of claiming adverse possession of registered land, but cases on adverse possession are still coming before the courts on a regular basis and pieces of land are still being transferred into new ownership under the Act.

This webinar will examine the topical issues before the courts, under both the 2002 Act and the Limitation Act 1980, and the interrelationship between adverse possession and the law as to boundaries.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Defining adverse possession ‘old’ style and ‘new’ style: Healey v Fraine; Walters v Stott
  • Physical control: gates, hedges, planting, sweeping, parking & grazing
  • Disputes & dishonesty and the impact on ‘intention to possess’: Malik v Malik; Rashid v Nasrullah; Amitharaja v White
  • Mistaken boundaries, reasonable belief & 10 years: Rowlands v Bishop; Brown v Ridley; Dowse v Bradford
  • The importance of boundaries, boundary markers and plans in adverse possession claims

This pre-recorded webinar will be available to view from Monday 16th September 2024

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Adverse Possession & Boundaries - An Update with Sarah Thompson-Copsey