Advanced Aspects of APR & BPR - A Bite-Sized Guide

Advanced Aspects of APR & BPR - A Bite-Sized Guide

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Families wish to pass on their assets to the next generation in the most efficient way possible, and often using business and or agricultural relief is a well thought out way to do so.

It is vital therefore to understand the tax implications of these two valuable reliefs that might be recommended to your clients.

This short webinar will go further than the fundamentals of these two reliefs and explore the fine detail, focussing on the key planning issues and implications of these reliefs both in life and in death estates.

Tax legislation is increasingly complicated, and the protection of the beneficiary must be foremost in any practitioners mind.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • A (very) quick recap of the basics; how BPR works and the definition of relevant business property
  • The impact of contracts in place for sale
  • The implications and definition of being a ‘wholly and mainly’ investment business?
  • A (very) quick recap of the basics; how APR works and the definition of agricultural property
  • Farmhouses

This webinar was recorded on 9th November 2022