A Bite-Sized Guide to Copyright Infringement Time Limitations

A Bite-Sized Guide to Copyright Infringement Time Limitations

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This short webinar will explore the time limitations for civil remedies for copyright infringement claims.

It is suitable for practitioners with a basic knowledge of copyright and will be particularly helpful for those that practice copyright infringement and disputes in England and Wales.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • For completeness, a quick recap on the durations of copyright:
    • Literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works
    • Computer-generated works
    • Sound recordings
    • Films
    • Broadcasts
    • Typographical arrangement of published editions
    • Special cases:
      • Joint authorship
      • Unknown authorship
      • Unpublished works
  • Civil remedies and time limitations:
    • Breach of contract - s.5 Limitation Act 1980 (‘LA’);
    • Assumption for IP infringement claims - s.2 of the LA (Sevcon v Lucas) - Damages
    • Account of profits (s.23 of the LA)
    • Where the LA does not apply:
      • Order for delivery up
      • Specific performance, injunctions, or other equitable relief
      • Future declaration of ownership (Fisher v Brooker)
  • Time limitation nuances:
    • Continuing infringement
    • Postponement or extension of the limitation period under s.32 of the LA:
      • Mistake
      • Deliberate concealment
    • Contracting out the LA

This webinar was recorded on 1st November 2023

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