Léonie Cowen

Léonie  Cowen
Léonie is a leading local government lawyer and procurement specialist with extensive expertise in all aspects of public procurement and concessions. Her particular interests include social care, leisure and culture. She is nationally recognised as an expert in procurement of social care (children and adults) and delivery models for leisure and cultural services, which include public procurement, local authority trading companies and trusts. She has supported a number of local authorities and charities in resolving disputes which could lead to provider insolvency. She wrote published guidance for all Welsh authorities on social care procurement and has supported numerous local authorities in delivering innovative and sound delivery models for local authority services. Léonie is recognised as an inspirational professional and lecturer who always goes the extra mile to find and deliver the best option/solution for her clients. Léonie is principal of Léonie Cowen & Associates. This firm specialises in providing legal and consultancy services to local authorities and their social enterprise partners including charities and other not-for-profit bodies, Léonie has been lecturing for MBL and other legal trainers for many years. She was a visiting lecturer at the University of Birmingham’s post graduate Institute of Local Government Studies, lecturing to social care commissioners throughout the United Kingdom.

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