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Assuming a detailed working knowledge of copyright law and practice this full day course will consider a number of key areas in some depth which are rarely covered in copyright sessions.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Can there be copyright for a work created ‘solely’ by AI (Artificial Intelligence) or an animal?
  • 'Agreements to agree' clauses, typically in respect of assignments and licenses - are they always enforceable?
  • When might an agreement described as an assignment be held to be a licence - and a licence held to be an assignment? Copyright and conflict of laws in relation to assignments and licences, especially in respect of domestic and foreign law ‘reverter’ provisions
  • The application of moral rights in practice and damages for their infringement
  • Aggravated damages
  • Copyright in buildings and architects' plans and drawings. Is there always a right of panorama?
  • The position of 'ghost writers'
  • Incidental inclusion: What might ‘incidental’ refer to in practice?
  • A discussion on the boundaries of artistic works
  • Copyrighting subsisting in a work which infringes another
  • The still continuing 'carry overs' from the Copyright Act 1911 (and 1956), including the little known 'automatic' assignment reverter provisions
  • Assignor's right to royalties - the potentially serious problem of assigning copyright in exchange for, or partly for, royalty payments
  • Fiduciary duties of publisher-assignees
  • Unpublished works
  • Crown copyright

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Seminar | 24.11.2020

London | 9:30am - 5:15pm

Advanced Copyright Law - Key Areas in Depth

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9:30am - 5:15pm
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