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This introductory level course is designed for civil litigators, who already possess a thorough knowledge of civil procedure but wish to gain an understanding of the substantive law relating to Trusts of Land. You already know how to litigate but a clear and comprehensive understanding of the law in this area is vital - otherwise you do not know how strong or weak the case is.

Upon completing the course you will have a clear and complete understanding of:

  • The relevant law: Is the claim/defence weak or strong?
  • What evidence is required in order to improve the case/damage the opponent's case?
  • When should offers to settle/mediate be made, and at what level should such offers be pitched?

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • What is a Trust of Land?
  • The difference between single-name and joint-name claims
  • How to establish a beneficial interest in a single-name case: express and inferred agreements to share the beneficial ownership
  • When the law will depart from equality in joint-name cases
  • Detrimental reliance --What it means and how to prove it
  • Challenging an express declaration of trust: fraud, mistake and rectification
  • Equitable accounting: occupation rent, mortgage payments, improvements to the property: the effect on shares in the property
  • Remedies available: declarations, order for sales

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