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After years of analysing every possible scenario and outcome, many lawyers become risk averse.

This course is designed specifically for in-house lawyers and will consider how your role and advice on legal risk can be effectively integrated into business risk decisions.

With practical exercises, the course will provide you with a route to focusing on the risks which really matter to the business as a whole leading to a sense of achievement and real contribution.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Managing Legal Risk - The Big Picture
    • What distinguishes legal risk from other types of risk
    • Who should take the lead in managing it?
    • Who needs to play a part?
    • How it fits with reputation
  • Ensuring Business Engagement
    • At a senior level
      • Promoting a clear strategy
      • Collaborative development and implementation of processes with senior managers
      • Recognising what engagement entails
    • At the individual client level
      • Building relationships
      • Resisting abdication and confiscation
  • Regulatory Legal Risk
    • Identifying regulations impacting on your organisation
    • Bringing home the consequences of contravention
    • Contributing to sustainable compliance
    • Highlighting opportunities which may come with the burden
    • The upsides of influencing prospective regulation
  • Relationships - Commitments & Exposure
    • The big picture
    • Early warning of issues in selected scenarios
    • Culture and risk appetite
    • Diverging attitudes to risk
    • Plotting risk according to impact and probability
  • Initiatives to Facilitate Business
    • Developing your business acumen
    • Promoting risk: reward decisions at the right level
    • Improving legal awareness
    • Introducing managed self-help / service
    • Contributing to streamlined processes

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