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Delivered by HR expert Helen Cleare, this six-part webinar series will examine key areas of HR strategy including recruitment and employee retention and will explore the common themes vital to their success namely employer branding and successful communication.

Essential viewing for HR professionals, managers and partners, this webinar series will provide viewers with useful insights into how to develop the HR strategies which will improve your employee engagement and experience and ultimately your business.

What You Will Learn

This webinar series will cover the following:

Module 1 - Employer Branding - Why It Is Necessary & How To ‘Market’ Yourself As An Employer

Your business has probably focussed on its brand in relation to its customers but have you thought about your employees?

In developing an overall HR strategy, employers need to consider their ‘employer branding’. This is because, as an employer, you are promoting your business as a place people to want to come and work and become ‘an employer of choice’. Like making a purchase, employees will be attracted to your business and developing their careers with you, because they are attracted to your brand.

What do you think your employer brand currently says about your business?

This module will cover:

  • Understanding why employer branding is important to your success in recruiting and retaining the right employees for your business
  • Examining what branding activity that you already have in place and why this is important
  • How to identify further opportunities to strengthen employer branding
  • Good and bad examples of employer branding
  • Embedding branding in the business both internally and externally
  • How to measure the affect that employer branding has on your employees

Module 2 - Recruiting the Right Staff - How to Attract The Employees That You Want to Work For Your Business

Recruitment is all about attracting potential candidates to work for your business. This means that you will have a pool of suitably qualified, keen and committed individuals from which to then select for appointment to a specific role. In focussing on recruitment, we are looking at the importance of getting the groundwork right in attracting the staff that we want, and who want to work for us as a first choice. We want the recruitment process to be a positive experience for everyone concerned and to maximise our chances of getting it right first-time round. This module will discuss how to get the things that we need in place before we start thinking about interviewing.

This module will cover:

  • Why employer branding is useful to recruitment
  • How to choose the right media for recruitment
  • Working with agencies to your advantage
  • Producing great advertisements, documentation and communication
  • Developing the latest ways to keep your candidates engaged
  • Keeping recruitment channels open and responsive

Module 3 - Employee Onboarding - Making Your ‘Employee Experience’ Positive From The Start & How This Can Improve Retention

Recruitment can be expensive and time consuming. The first few days and weeks of an employee’s experience in working for your business are key to them settling in successfully, becoming productive quickly and committing to a career with you.

Everyone’s first day needs to be a positive, memorable experience so that they remain enthusiastic about learning more about their role, your business and how they can contribute to its ongoing success. We have learnt how employer branding can help with recruitment and now we need to imbed this within our onboarding process.

This module assumes that the employee will be onboarded face to face, although the principles behind our practices may also help you to translate some ideas to remote onboarding.

This module will cover:

  • Linking onboarding to our retention strategy
  • What we want onboarding to achieve
  • What ‘good’ onboarding can achieve and why it is so important
  • Mistakes to make and learn from - how to keep onboarding as realistic experience which make employees feel engaged
  • Ideas on what to do, how to do it and how to tailor your onboarding to your business and the role
  • Monitoring the success of your onboarding process.

Module 4 - Retaining Your Staff - Using Positive Branding & Other Ideas To Keep Your Valued Employees

Why do your good staff keep leaving you?

If you find yourself pondering this question, then you may benefit from looking at your retention strategy. The relationship that an employer has with its employees is the same as other relationship - it takes commitment and the occasional reminder of why you want to keep that good relationship going. Employees may sometimes not always get what they want at work (THAT big promotion or pay rise!) but your retention strategy will help them see the bigger picture in terms of what you offer them as an employer.

This module will cover:

  • How having a retention strategy links to our onboarding and communications strategies
  • Does a degree of turnover really matter? Why we cannot afford to overlook the importance of retention activity
  • Keeping employees engaged with our brand
  • Considering the needs of groups of employees and targeting our efforts effectively
  • How to know what our employees want and coupling that with what we can afford
  • What the key activities will look like for your business

Module 5 - Employee Communications - The Key To Making Your Strategies Work

Good communication with employees is often talked about, but if employers get this right, employees with be engaged, committed and more productive within your business.

Getting it wrong may lead to higher turnover, employee discontent, lower morale and even grievances. There are so many channels of communication open to a business to use, how do we know how to get this part of our overall HR strategy right? Whose job is it anyway - managers, HR or the board?

By giving more thought to communications being a key ‘HR deliverable’ our strategy can work for the business and its employees.

This module will cover:

  • Who decides what we need to communicate, how often and how? Building your communication plan
  • Confidentiality and balancing good news with reality
  • Words that you should avoid using
  • Requesting feedback / staff surveys and the importance of follow up
  • Channels of communication, accuracy and timeliness
  • How to monitor your communication strategy

Module 6 - Corporate Social Responsibility - How & Why Our Employees Can Influence & Be Influenced

Many businesses include an element of Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) activity within their business plans. They know that it is important to ‘give something back’, to have a good relationship with the local community and to strengthen branding to their customers and clients.

Wise employers will also understand the benefit the CSR can have in building our ‘employer brand’ and helping with the recruitment and retention of staff. The types of project which might fall under this banner have typically focussed on fundraising for local charities and/or undertaking other visible good work in the community. However, CSR is now a much broader undertaking which mirrors our employees’ beliefs and interests, meaning that people will positively want to be associated with our brand as an employee.

This module will cover:

  • An overview of the purpose of CSR and where this should sit in the business
  • Why CSR is increasingly of interest to our employees and will become more so. Why the future of the workplace will be so dependent upon it
  • How employees can contribute to the success of your CSR activity
  • Why CSR can have such a positive impact on your workforce and your external contacts
  • How much CSR activity need not cost the earth and how we can imbed this into our business with good communication and levels of employee engagement

This webinar was recorded on 2nd November 2021

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