The Procurement Act 2023 - Key Provisions & the Implementation Timetable

The Procurement Act 2023 - Key Provisions & the Implementation Timetable

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This webinar provides an overview of the Procurement Act 2023, details of the implementation programme and what it will mean for procurement in the UK.

A must for anyone who practices public procurement, the webinar will provide a strategic overview of the Act and whether it has achieved its objectives of reducing complexity and increasing transparency.

The webinar will consider the new concepts, approach and language of the Act, the proposed implementation timetable, statutory instruments, statutory and non-statutory guidance (as far as they are known).

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Implementation timetable and implementation programme from now to Autumn 2024 when it is scheduled to commence
  • Cabinet Office’s consultation on draft statutory instruments
  • Cabinet Office’s learning tools from an overview of the Act (’Knowledge Drops’) through to advanced training (‘Deep Dives’)
  • How radical are the changes and what do they mean for practitioners or is much merely cosmetic as the language has changed?
  • Maximising public benefit, acting with integrity, fair and equal treatment proportionality complying with government priorities and achieving value for money - their meaning and possible conflicts between them
  • The extra burdens on contracting authorities because of transparency requirements versus benefits for contractors
  • The new procurement proceedings what are they and their implications
  • The greater focus on preliminary market consultation will it change behaviour?
  • Exclusions - land transactions, some inter-authority agreements and specific services such as services for children
  • Will the new law be simpler and reduce bureaucracy?

This webinar was recorded on 23rd November 2023