Fact Finding Hearings in International Family Law Disputes

Fact Finding Hearings in International Family Law Disputes

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In family law proceedings, there has been a growing emphasis in respect of fact-finding hearings in disputes relating to domestic abuse and public law proceedings.

However, fact-finding hearings are often utilised within international disputes when the court is concerned with the inherent jurisdiction, or children who are wards of the High Court. These cases can be complex in nature, not only because of the international dimension in existing, but also in respect of formulating long-term welfare decisions. Fact-finding hearings can be utilised for a variety of reasons, particularly in cases relating to abandonment and abduction.

This webinar will consider the importance of fact-finding hearings in such disputes, how and why they are conducted and the implications of findings being made.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Fact-finding hearings
  • Recent case law in the area
  • The necessity of fact-finding hearings in disputes in the High Court which may ultimately end up in the Family Court
  • The role of PD12J in disputes relating to abandonment/abduction
  • Expert evidence
  • Inherent jurisdiction/wardship

This webinar was recorded on 25th September 2023