Clinical Negligence - A Box Set of 6 Essential Modules

Clinical Negligence - A Box Set of 6 Essential Modules

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This box set of 6 online modules presented by Richard Baker and Natalie Cosgrove includes 6 x 30 minute modules which will be of interest to anyone involved in the area of clinical negligence.

Module 1 Causation: Richard Baker

This module will consider the law of causation, an essential issue in any clinical negligence claim. The module will enable you to be aware of how causation might be proven or challenged, how to avoid common pitfalls and how to deal with novel or unusual claims.

It will consider the following:

  • Causation in fact v causation in law
  • Proving causation based upon contribution to harm and altering the risk of harm
  • Proving causation based upon outcome
  • Causation and benevolence

Module 2 Scope of Duty : Richard Baker

The recent case of Khan v. Meadows has emphasised the need to consider the scope of a Defendant's duty of care when considering liability. This module will analyse the key issues relating to scope of duty and how to determine the limits of a Defendant's liability.

The module will include the following:

  • When does a Defendant owe a duty of care to the Claimant?
  • What types of harm is the Defendant responsible for?
  • Khan v Meadows and its broader application

Module 3 Psychiatric Injuries/Secondary Victims :Richard Baker

The module will consider this complicated and evolving area of the law. It will provide the essentials for understanding which claims can succeed and which are likely to fail.

The module will include the following:

  • Primary victims v secondary victims
  • The control mechanisms for claims by secondary victims
  • Secondary victims and clinical negligence
  • Future developments in the law

Module 4 Procedure Updates :Natalie Cosgrove

This module focuses on the most recent updates in order to run effective and compliant cases. It will enable you to understand the key current updates and a reminder of the recent changes that should be part of your practice in order to avoid errors and adverse consequences.

The module will include the following:

  • CPR changes and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Navigating online issuing and its limitations
  • Statements of truth: statements of case, court documents and expert evidence
  • Effective service of statements of case and recent cases on this
  • Vulnerable witnesses and your responsibilities
  • Costs budgeting
  • Costs and interlocutory hearings
  • Interim payments
  • E Bundles

Module 5 Quantum :Natalie Cosgrove

This module will look at the key cases and developments over the last 12 months that you should be aware of in order to maximise claims. It includes a look at accommodation claims as well as other recently evolving areas.

The module will include the following:

  • Accommodation claims: where are we up to?
  • Fundamental dishonesty: case examples. Including exaggeration claims
  • Nuanced damages and recovery: surrogacy, care
  • How not to get caught out on CRU
  • Provisional damages
  • Ogden made simple
  • Recent cases you need to know

Module 6 Litigation Tactics :Natalie Cosgrove

Litigation can be stressful and it is imperative that you have a tool kit of skills to navigate litigation for positive outcomes but also to avoid the common pitfalls that can occur especially when embarking on litigation. This module will take you through tactics to safe proof your practice and ensure you safely navigate litigation.

The module will include the following:

  • How to issue effectively
  • How to analyse defences
  • Disclosure: how to do it right
  • Multiple Defendants, multiple Claimant experts?
  • How to get permission for the experts you want and the contentious ones: accommodation, care, forensic accountancy and employment
  • Who is giving evidence and how to use the Defendants statements to assist you
  • Offers, settlement meetings and when to use them

This webinar was recorded on 15th June 2022