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This full day course will look at different types of occupation of agricultural land and buildings ranging from licences, tenancies governed by the Agricultural Holdings Act and Farm Business Tenancies. It will also look at commercial arrangements such as contract farming and share farming arrangements.

You will learn about the different types of occupation and how they are regulated by different statutory schemes.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • The meaning of ‘agriculture’ within the context of agricultural occupation
  • Going back to basics with licences
  • Where horses fit into the equation
  • Identifying different types of occupation of agricultural land and buildings and the statutory regime which relates to each applying the principles to practical examples and case studies
  • Gaining a basic understanding of the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986:
    • Looking at the statutory terms incorporated into such tenancies
    • The section 6 notice
    • Understanding rent review under the Act
    • Examining security of tenure and in particular the requirements of Case B
    • Considering the continued relevance of succession under the Act and the grounds for application
    • Discussing the proposed tenancy reforms
  • Examining the fundamental characteristics of a Farm Business Tenancy (FBT):
    • Identifying important dates and the basic conditions of an FBT
    • Considering contractual terms and diversification, including break options and rent review
    • Considering the proposed tenancy reforms
  • An overview of commercial farming ventures:
    • How contract farming works and why it is so popular
    • Share farming and its appeal
  • Understanding a straightforward approach to the Common Agricultural Policy in the context of occupied land:
    • Considering who claims the Basic Payment Scheme and how the arrangement should be documented
    • Liability for cross compliance
    • Environmental stewardship

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