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This new half-day course will discuss the important changes to copyright law and practice that the contentious and much debated EU Copyright Directive will usher in by 2021.

Having finally cleared its last legislative stage in mid-April 2019, it is now possible to consider its forthcoming effect with at least some degree of certainty.

Described by some in ominous terms as likely to bring about the ‘end of the internet as we know it’ or ‘increase the spread of false news’, and by others as a long overdue overhaul and rebalancing of copyright in favour of authors and performers, the course aims to present a balanced view of the likely effect of the Directive.

The UK’s latest stated position post-Brexit as to the possible implementation of any or all of the Directive’s provisions will be considered.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Text and data mining in practice: Who can make use of the enhanced provisions?
  • Out-of-commerce works - what they are and the limits to their exploitation
  • Collective licensing - new rights and obligations for collection societies?
  • A discussion on whether the Directive’s new ‘neighbouring’ IP right for ‘Press Publications’ would represent a major shift in practice. How the system is likely to work. Might there really be a steep increase in ‘false news’ as a result of this provision?
  • The Directive’s contentious and much debated liability and licensing requirements for content uploaded by users to ‘online content sharing service providers’ such as ‘YouTube’. Will Article 17 lead to any great practical change to the present position or might it lead to the ‘indirectly’ enforced introduction of upload filters or even ‘censorship machines’?
  • Fair remuneration and transparency in exploitation contracts, including the Article 20 right for authors and performers to 'rebalance' their contracts if their remuneration turns out to be too low compared to the revenues generated. How might rebalancing work and be enforced in practice?
  • Revocation rights for authors or performers under Article 22
  • Post-Brexit: What might the effect in the UK be of these changes? Might the UK still implement some or all of the Directive’s changes in a new Copyright Act?

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Seminar | 26.09.2019

London | 2:00pm - 5:15pm

The EU Copyright Directive 2019 - Overdue Change or ‘The End of the World’?

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2:00pm - 5:15pm
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