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Those who regularly attend before the Coroner's Court will know that determining the answers required to complete the Record of Inquest and an ultimate Conclusion can be a complex process and one with significant consequences for the organisations and professionals appearing as witnesses at inquest.

This is made even more complex with the Coroner's Prevention of Future Death (PFD) duty. It is essential that those appearing at inquest are well aware of recent developments and changes in this field in order to be well equipped for whatever issues can and do arise at inquest.

This new seminar is aimed at those practising in coronial law and those wishing to develop further knowledge and experience within this area of law. It is also aimed at state bodies or companies who are regularly made Properly Interested Persons at inquest.

What You Will Learn

The course will cover:

  • An update regarding deaths of those subject to a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards and Inquests
  • Policing and Crime Act 2017 - DoLS and state detention post 3.4.17
  • Chief Coroners Guidance no 16 and Updated guidance 16A
  • An overview of the recent CA judgment regarding inquests, DoLS and urgent life saving medical treatment
  • Law Commission proposed changes to DoLS
  • Recent case law relevant to inquest practice and in respect of which inquest practitioners must be aware. These cases will give helpful guidance in respect of numerous relevant issues including:
    • The permitted scope of the Inquest
    • The approach to documentary inquests and evidence to be admitted under rule 23
    • Witness issues: attendance, anonymity and efforts to receive witness evidence
    • Resumption of an inquest following criminal conviction and engagement of Article 2 and the nature of the investigatory obligation
    • The relevance of admitted failings in an Article 2 inquest to conclusions
    • The interpretation of Article 2, systemic failings and operational failings
  • Regulation 28 Report and PFD update providing:
    • An overview of the Coroner's PFD duty
    • Developments in this area
    • How to address and present such evidence at inquest
    • Recent case law dealing with PFD issues

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