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Even when everything goes according to plan there are lots of things which happen during the life of a trust and it is important that practitioners understand the administrative steps which trustees must follow.

Failing to get the administration right could mean that trustees (and their advisors) are storing up problems for the future.

This course will look at the foundations of good management which allow a trust to run smoothly throughout its life. It will follow the key events which trustees will typically face during its lifetime.

Some experience of general trust administration will be assumed and as well as proper administrative procedures the course will focus on the taxation and compliance obligations which trustees are under.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Birth of a Trust
    • How the trust deed can avoid uncertainty and maximise flexibility
    • The tax liabilities which might arise for trustees on creation of the trust
    • The trustees’ reporting and compliance obligations
  • Everyday Life
    • The basics of annual income tax and CGT liabilities
    • How to mitigate the trustees’ tax liabilities
  • Birthdays
    • How to calculate the ten year anniversary charge
  • Life events
    • The importance of properly documenting trustee changes
    • The tax implications of capital appointments and how to mitigate the liability
  • Retirement
    • The administrative steps involved in winding up a trust
    • Politically exposed persons
  • Death
    • How to deal with lapsed and failed trusts

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