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This course presented by Kevin de Haan QC will explore everything you need to know about digital currencies and Fintech.

It will cover the legal nature of digital currencies, problems of definitions, jurisdictions, tax and the latest trends, hot topics and key developments.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • The legal nature of money - is the search for a universal definition of money futile? Is money in any event rapidly becoming an obsolete concept? Is it more useful in the digital economy to look rather to the concept of payment?
  • A brief history of alternative currencies - from chickens to Bitcoin and beyond; where next, ScotPounds or back to Green Shield Stamps?
  • Crypto, digital virtual or merely alternative currency? Some problems of definition - can one size ever fit all?
  • The technology - is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s an algorithm
  • The legal nature of digital currencies - are they money, currencies, commodities investments or alternative payment solutions? Where do they fit in the regulatory ecosystem? A truly moveable legal feast
  • Regulation - jurisdictions - the UK, Europe, the USA and Asia - the latest trends and developments
  • Taxation - fiscal approaches in the UK Europe, the USA and Asia the latest trends and developments
  • The Hedquist VAT case and beyond - its implications for other forms of taxation
  • Crime and money laundering - virtual currencies as a vehicle for criminal transactions and money laundering
  • Legal and technological prevention and remediation measures - tracing blockchain transactions; seizing and confiscating proceeds
  • The legal obligations on exchanges and other dealers
  • Latest Hot Topics
    • Bitcoin’s potential as a single blockchain to move value globally
    • The Bitcoin rollercoaster - taming volatility
    • Virtual currency IPOs - new opportunities for investors?
    • Initial coin offerings - the crackdown
    • Central Bank virtual currencies - what progress?
    • Decentralized autonomous organizations - the end of the Corporation?
    • The CEMA motion - towards EU regulation of virtual currencies and distributed ledger technology

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