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Seminar 6 AdvancedInformation
SRA Competency A D


The volume and complexity of regulation now impacting on law firms and those who work in law firms, continues to increase, and failure to adequately manage compliance with regulatory requirements carries increasingly high risks for law firms and their people.

Regulation now imposed on law firms extends far beyond basic SRA requirements and into every aspect of law firms' businesses and operations and, as a result ensuring regulatory compliance needs to be a priority for lawyers and managers in law firms, not only to ensure business and regulatory resilience, but also to transform regulatory compliance from what is seen by some as a burden, into a discernible benefit contributing to a law firm's competitive advantage.

This full day interactive workshop is for anyone in a law firm responsible for the planning, implementation and continuing management of compliance risk, and the workshop environment is designed to provide those participating with practical guidance, and a framework in relation to compliance risk within which to operate.

In addition, those participating will be provided with materials including checklists, formats, articles, and other documentation, to assist them in planning for, implementing and managing their compliance needs.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Changing internal cultures and mindsets to make management of compliance effective
  • How to identify and assess priority compliance risks in order to focus effort and resources
  • Methods to control, monitor and review compliance outcomes to prevent, reduce or mitigate future compliance failures
  • Understanding and managing the inter-connectivity impact of compliance failures
  • How to resource the management of compliance in the most cost-effective way
  • Using technology to systemise a firm's compliance management
  • Planning how to recover from a failure to adequately manage compliance risks

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