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Whether you act for a landlord or tenant on lease renewal, getting the best deal for your client can be as much about tactics as the law.

Transactional lawyers and litigation lawyers can work together more effectively to get a better result.

This unique and interactive live broadcast session is led by two very experienced trainers, providing advice from two entirely different speaker viewpoints: Peta was a transactional property lawyer for more than 25 years, whilst Sarah was a property litigator. Each one's individual knowledge and experience usefully complements that of the other. Transactional property lawyers and litigators can benefit hugely from their long experience of working together, both in practice and when delivering courses, which enables them to provide a uniquely enjoyable, practical and useful experience for all attendees.

What You Will Learn

This live and interactive session will cover the following:

  • Is the tenant entitled to a new lease? From basic principles to 'contracted out'
  • Bringing the lease to an end - tips & traps for landlord and tenant
    • Gathering the information s40: 'competent’ landlords; sub-tenants;
    • Getting the notices right ss25, 26 - service, signature and slip-ups: Pease v Carter;
    • Why & when to serve a s27 notice
    • Changing your mind, compensation, damages
  • Protecting the tenant's rights - time limits and extensions
  • Making the application - tactics for landlord and for tenant
  • Dealing with the tenant post lease expiry: interim rent - is it worth it? contracted-out tenants, rent & negotiations: Barclays v Erimus
  • Opposing renewal
    • Grounds of opposition - are they all equal?
    • Demonstrating a ‘fixed and settled intention’ following S Franses - can it be done?
    • Gathering the evidence: what do the courts really require & when?
  • New lease terms - better terms? Modernising and standardising; Dukeminster v West End, O'May

Recording of live sessions: Soon after the Learn Live session has taken place you will be able to go back and access the recording - should you wish to revisit the material discussed.

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Learn Live | 01.10.2020

Online | 10:00am - 4:30pm

Business Lease Renewal - Law & Tactics Live at Your Desk

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10:00am - 4:30pm

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