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'Brilliant! Really engaging. I am a family lawyer with limited surrogacy experience and found the course very accessible'


A growing number of couples unable to have children of their own are now turning to surrogacy and the UK’s restrictive laws in this sector are pushing many to seek help abroad.

However, bringing a surrogate-born baby back into the UK is a legal minefield. Practitioners must navigate the complexities and contradictions of citizenship, immigration and family laws in at least two different jurisdictions, all while dealing with anxious new parents who are often involuntarily resident in a foreign country.

This seminar will provide practitioners with all the tools needed to advise intended parents on the best way to bring a surrogate-born child back to the UK in a variety of situations. It will cover key legislation and guidance, as well as providing delegates with practical information on procedure and pitfalls. Family law practitioners interested in understanding the citizenship and immigration background to international surrogacy will also benefit from this course.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • UK surrogacy law basics: The Surrogacy Arrangements Act 1985
  • Parental Orders: what they are, the requirements and why they matter from an immigration perspective: s54 HFEA 2008
  • Definitions of parenthood: BNA 1981 , the Immigration Rules and HFEA 2008
  • British citizenship and surrogacy:-
    • Acquisition of British citizenship at birth: Section 2(1) BNA and Surrogacy Overseas guidance
    • Registration of British citizenship at discretion: Section 3(1), Nationality Guidance and Surrogacy Overseas
  • Citizenship Applications: application forms, supporting documents and practical considerations
  • Passport Applications: application forms, supporting documents and practical considerations
  • Entry Clearance Applications
    • Nationality law of birth country
    • Home Office Policy: Intercountry surrogacy and the Immigration Rules
    • Applications inside the Rules: Paragraph 297
    • Applications outside the Rules
    • Obtaining leave on arrival

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