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The JCT standard form of contract was launched in 1931 and since then, it has firmly embedded itself into industry and long been a contract form of choice, particularly for private sector works.

It is widely acknowledged that the JCT is a robust and detailed contract, which if set up and used correctly can bring rigour to project delivery and contract management and enable the parties to manage uncertainty and risk. Due to the extensive range of contracts within the ‘suite’, parties can choose the appropriate contract with ease, and then work to tailor it to suit their project.

Parties’ needs are met through carefully completing a joint set of contract particulars and identifying documents to be included. The industry’s long-standing requirements as to time, cost and quality are mapped in the contract terms.

This series of webinars will teach you all the key points about JCT so you can start to get to grips with this form of contract and use it successfully as the basis for your projects.

Suitable for: all those in procurement, contract management, project management, costs management, site management, risk management and law.

What You Will Learn

This modular webinar will cover the following:

Module 1: Introducing JCT

  • What is the JCT’s philosophy, structure and what’s in the ‘suite’ of contracts?
  • How JCT aligns to other contracts: time, cost and quality
  • The role of the Employer’s Agent

Module 2: Delivery and Risk

  • Supplemental provisions and risk management in delivery
  • Relevant Events and Relevant Matters and the processes to extra time and money
  • Variations: Change and the Valuation Rules

Module 3: Cost Management

  • Bill of Quantities and provisional sums
  • Payment procedures: Interim Payments and Final Payments
  • How to apply for, and certify money ‘due’

Module 4: Quality Management

  • The Employer’s Requirements and the Contractor’s Proposals
  • Design, no design or part design?
  • How JCT manages quality assurance, discrepancies, and divergences
  • Procedure for completion and how to address and rectify defects

Module 5: Time Management:

  • How does JCT measure project progress and manage time and programme?
  • Employer’s instructions and acceleration
  • Non-Completion: election and application of LADs

Module 6: Dispute Avoidance and Resolution:

  • How JCT disputes arise: warning signs and what to do about them
  • Dispute avoidance techniques and using JCT’s contract tools to support early closure
  • Formal options for determination and resolution of JCT disputes

This webinar was recorded on 13th July 2022

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An Introduction to the JCT Form of Contract - 6 Essential Modules

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