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With case-law, legislation and the Criminal Procedure Rules frequently being updated, it can be overwhelming as a busy criminal prosecutor trying to stay up to date. This course is specifically designed to update the busy Crown Prosecutor on all the latest updates to help you feel on top of the law once again.

This course is specifically designed for prosecution advocates at all levels and will look at the trial process from start to finish. Commencing with case management generally, we will examine exactly what the Divisional Court says is required at the first appearance stage and case law to help you when this doesn’t happen. We will also look at specific issues (such as disclosure) in those tricky road traffic cases. We will then move on to look at a range of evidential issues which are likely to come up at trial - admissibility of DNA evidence, cross-examination on the PET form and of course bad character and hearsay. Finally, we will turn to sentencing and ancillary orders upon conviction.

This beginning to end approach should ensure you are as prepared as you can be when you next step into court and is a must for all prosecutors.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Case management generally - particularly in the magistrates’ court
  • Case management in those awkward road traffic cases - an analysis of the recent helpful decisions from the High Court
  • What does it mean when the defence puts the Crown to strict proof of its case? Is this till legitimate under the Criminal Procedure Rules?
  • Better Case Management & proceeding in absence - will you succeed?
  • Dealing with adjournments - what do the Criminal Procedure Rules and Divisional Court say?
  • Cases founded solely on DNA evidence - the very latest from the Court of Appeal in 2022
  • Dealing with bad character applications both pre-trial and during the trial process - when does a defendant put his character in issue? Some very useful case-law
  • Dealing with hearsay applications both pre-trial and during the trial process - do I need any witnesses?
  • Body cam footage & 999 calls - case-law and getting in the evidence by way of the ‘res gestae’ exception to hearsay
  • Re-opening the Crown's case once it has been closed - some incredibly useful case-law
  • The Criminal Procedure Rules (the very latest) - the really important bits we all need to know about
  • Hostile witnesses, reluctant witnesses, forgetful witnesses - a step by step approach to dealing with difficult witnesses, especially in domestic abuse cases
  • Disclosure in sexual offences - guidance from the Court of Appeal and the Attorney General
  • Cross examination of the defendant at trial on the contents of the preparation for effective trial form/plea and trial preparation hearing form - the latest from the Divisional Court
  • Ancillary orders - guidance on restraining orders on acquittal
  • What’s new from the Sentencing Council in relation to domestic abuse and more
  • 25 criminal cases that will assist you enormously

Recording of live sessions: Soon after the Learn Live session has taken place you will be able to go back and access the recording - should you wish to revisit the material discussed.

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50 Issues for the Busy Crown Prosecutor in 2022

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