The New York Bar Examination

Have you ever thought about becoming dual-qualified in the UK and in New York?

In an increasingly global legal market, with many American firms having practices in the UK – and vice versa – it may enhance your career opportunities to be qualified in both jurisdictions.

We have teamed up with leading US trainer Pieper Bar Review whose programme presumes no prior knowledge of US or New York law and offers a course of study that will take you from a position of zero knowledge to being able competently to pass the examination first-time.

Pieper teach the fundamental principles of law and then build knowledge to prepare you for the examination. For those not able to study at a live class, the entire course can be streamed to you via the internet - a method also used for US students who are unable to attend live classes in New York.

For further information on the New York Bar programme, please contact Sharon Needham or Janine Mallon on 0161 793 0984 or email