Wardship & Inherent Jurisdiction - A Practical Approach
Webinar & DVD

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Webinar & DVD
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Wardship is an area that is not often well understood by practitioners. It is an area that fits into various areas of family law, in different ways. This practical webinar will provide you with an understanding of the various ways in which wardship is used, particularly as to how it applies in children law proceedings. There are situations where this may be used for children have been, or are at risk of abduction, as well as for their personal protection. This is an important part of the court's jurisdiction, which you need to be aware of, in terms of its uses and operation. Sometimes, situations arise whereby one has to act in an emergency, and therefore being aware of what can be done through wardship is essential.

The webinar will cover wardship and the use of the inherent Jurisdiction in Injunction cases including the key statutory provisions, as well as the practice and procedure.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What is Wardship?
  • Use of Wardship Procedure
  • Steps in Pursuing Applications
  • Using Wardship in Private and Public Children Law cases
  • Wardship and Child Abduction
  • Emergency situations
  • Inherent Jurisdiction and Injunctions
  • Emergency Situations
  • Significant Case Law

Speaker: Safda Mahmood, Senior Solicitor, has extensive experience in both practising and teaching Family and Children Law for over 18 years. Safda is on the Law Society Children Panel, and writes regularly for various journals providers and is a highly articulate and popular speaker who has a practical and pragmatic approach to his subject.

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DVD 1 Hour Individual Licence £30.00 + VAT £60.00 + VAT £120.00 + VAT
DVD 1 Hour Group Licence £49.50 + VAT £99.00 + VAT £198.00 + VAT

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