Solicitors Accounts Rules & Regulatory Compliance

With further changes on the horizon requiring greater internal vigilance, the cost of getting it wrong can be devastating for your firm, including fines from the SRA and even disciplinary proceedings.

For this reason we are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with Richard Lane, owner of Legal Finance Professionals Ltd (LFP), to offer 3 new consultancy services designed for COLPs, COFA’s and Finance Teams to bring you:

  • Peace of Mind;
  • Assurance of Regulatory Compliance; and
  • Best Practice

Having worked within the SRA’s forensic investigations team for 11 years, Richard has a unique and expert insight into the regulatory compliance issues surrounding the Accounts Rules, AML & the Handbook.

Details on each service are set out below and for more information please telephone Michael Charnley on 0161 793 0984 or email

SRA Compliance Health Check

Would your firm survive an SRA Forensic Inspection Visit?

The Compliance Health Check is designed to offer law firms peace of mind. During the visit LFP will work with you to review all aspects of your firm‘s compliance with the rules and guidance issued by the SRA and the Law Society’s recommendations for ‘best practice’. Following the visit, you will receive a comprehensive written report of LFP’s findings with recommendations as to how your firm’s compliance can be improved and where weaknesses have been identified.

For further information please telephone Michael Charnley on 0161 793 0984 or email

Residual Client Ledger Balance Clearance Service

Are you troubled by residual client balances?

If so we are pleased to offer a bespoke solution to the problem. As part of the new service, LFP will deal with all administrative aspects of the process from identifying and tracing clients, and, where necessary, reviewing client matter files through to preparing the covering letters to be sent out to clients or third parties. For balances in excess of £500 where the client cannot be traced, LFP will make a waiver application to the SRA seeking authority to pay such balances to charity in accordance with the SRA Accounts Rules 2011.

We understand that certainty of costs is important to most firms which is why this service is provided on a fixed fee basis.

For further information please telephone Michael Charnley on 0161 793 0984 or email

Due Diligence

Are you considering a merger with or an acquisition of another firm?

If so, in conjunction with LFP, we are pleased to offer a confidential compliance due diligence service to identify any problems or potential problem areas that may exist as these can have serious financial and regulatory consequences for your firm in the future.

For further information please telephone Michael Charnley on

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