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Corporate social responsibility has risen up the agenda in recent years for a variety of reasons, including a sharpened focus on businesses’ responsibility to those who are affected by its activities. As society becomes more concerned over big questions regarding the environment and our impact on future of the planet, businesses must react.

Consumers and the media ask challenging questions from the organisations who supply us with goods and services, and those in the workplace are similarly interested in the ethical, social responsibly and environmental impact that their employer has; in either the short, medium or long term. An employer whose values reflects those of talented key workers is likely to be ahead of the game in terms of retention and development which ultimately will affect the bottom line.

Corporate Social Responsibility has gone beyond the charitable giving, fundraising and philanthropy and is now central to the very core of many businesses. Ethics, sustainability, social responsibility and environmentalism grow more entrenched in the minds of our workers and HR has a role to play in exploring how to respond to this.

This course looks at how HR can embrace and influence CSR strategy within your organisation and why there are good business reasons for doing so. We ask how employees can become involved and why this can impact on their own performance, commitment and creativity within the workplace.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Background
    • An understanding of legal, compliance and international variations
    • The current political & economic dimension - what is business for?
    • Your CEO, board and shareholders and why their direction is key
    • Ethics and internal practices and procedures
    • Why philanthropy alone is not enough
    • UK retail dominance
  • Benefits to the Organisation
    • B2B and B2C marketing/social media
    • Planet, people, profit
    • Sustainability
    • Reputation
    • The bottom line
  • Criticism
    • Scepticism of motivation for CSR from some organisations
  • How this Links to HR strategies
    • Employee brand awareness (internal and external)
    • Recruitment/graduate Schemes
    • Communications
    • Retention/social
    • Training & social responsibility
    • Treating employees fairly
    • Policies/handbook
    • Personal development
  • Involving the Workforce
    • Putting together a plan
    • Capturing the basics and identifying opportunities
    • Engaging with employees, consulting & communication
    • Skills and personal development
    • Resource considerations, practicalities
  • The Future of CSR and HR’s Response
    • Planning for future activity
    • Responding to fast societal change/events

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